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About us

The company is a large domestic garment manufacturers, for the major enterprises and institutions to design and produce all kinds of uniforms, foreign trade orders.  


The company in line with the purpose of quality, enthusiasm for our customers to provide quality products and thoughtful service, for many years has been praised by outsiders.  


At present, the customers of the garment are all over the industry and commerce, finance and trade, finance, tourism, property, shopping malls, real estate and other industries.  The clothing categories involved include JK suits, industry uniforms, shirts and T-shirts, as well as plate making for brand companies.  



From the fashion brand, and romantic fashion design elements, into the high quality clothing production process, design a fashion series of beautiful high-quality clothing, and with a strong scientific and technological research and development team, always to create a perfect enterprise image, to lead the staff uniform fashion trend with extraordinary design concept.  


Excellent clothing style design, high brand production technology and the humanistic concept of green environmental protection, leading the development direction of the industry, the strong brand strength to benefit the majority of new and old customers, affordable price to promote the sustainable development of the market.  


Strong brand casting excellent garment team, no matter when and where the user, the clothing from the design team, fabrics, style, color, image, clothing such as problems with tie-in dress, for the enterprise to provide quality and thoughtful service, we will use ylang Lin card high quality service, highly skilled professional team, at any time for you to answer each garment, 24-hour service hotline,  Cast fashion clothing, beautiful, classic, eternal, noble.